JIAN Group Overview


The JIAN Group, LLC (JIAN) is a privately-held investment banking firm and is recognized as a premier firm in advising buyers and sellers of middle market companies.  Since our founding in 1992, the firm has compiled an impressive record of successfully representing privately owned businesses with revenues ranging from $15 million to $200 million.

Our advisory services include merger and acquisition services, growth strategy, corporate finance and succession planning. We choose our assignments carefully and work closely with ownership and key management to develop a business plan and strategy individually suited to the specific needs of both buyers and sellers.

JIAN positions companies to grow, partner or transfer ownership while the client focuses on operating their business. JIAN has earned a solid reputation for credibility and honesty while maintaining a professional and confidential client representation. With over 150 years of experience owning and/or operating successful businesses, our collective industry knowledge offers our clients an unparalleled understanding of the industry. This understanding, combined with our reputation throughout the industry, has enabled JIAN to develop the relationships necessary to create value for our clients and match the operating philosophies and long-term goals of our clients with those of potential partners. Individual business relationships weave the strong fabric of our corporate integrity and resourcefulness.

Our familiarity with industry trends, financial details, and tax efficient transaction structures allows JIAN to find creative solutions that work for both parties. Our outstanding record in completing transactions is a result of our thorough understanding of our client’s finances and personal goals and objectives. We formed The JIAN Group to assist owners of private companies in defining exit planning, growth, succession and diversification strategies. We have earned success through our uncompromising dedication to the needs and goals of our clients.  Our continuing goal is to create win-win situations for sellers and buyers, and their employees and customers while creating and delivering maximum value to our clients and their business.


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