Indy Bal


Inderbir Bal, “Indy” is JIAN’s Director of Valuation and Analysis.  With a very competent blend of consulting, investment banking, and knowledge of the building material industry Mr. Bal brings a unique perspective to his analysis and understands the value drivers and opportunities for companies in the industry.

Mr. Bal’s career began in valuation consulting with a boutique firm in Atlanta, Georgia where he advised privately held companies through financial reporting, tax, and litigation situations.  Mr. Bal’s investment banking experience included advising companies through mergers and acquisitions and capital sourcing.  He also helped guide management teams through business planning and forecasting.

Prior to joining the JIAN Group, Mr. Bal was a market business manager for BMC, focused on expansion of the DC Market.  Mr. Bal pioneered data analytics to help solve problems using business intelligence and was instrumental in pricing and commodity market movements.

Mr. Bal holds a B.S. in Accounting and Finance from George Mason University in addition to proudly being a member of the Bloomberg “Hall of Fame” for Bloomberg Aptitude Test across Americas Region. He is a CFA level 3 candidate and when he is not working enjoys reading, exploring the world, and hiking & climbing across the US National Parks.