The JIAN Group performs a detailed analysis of your Company’s financial statements to just for any items that are not directly related to the Company’s operations.  The valuation incudes n anticipated structure of a transaction in order for our client to understand the estimated pre-tax and after –tax cash flow from the anticipated transaction.


At The JIAN Group, we believe one of the keys to selling a business is telling the complete story.  We illustrate in booklet format a Marketing Memorandum of the Company’s niche in the marketplace.  Our Marketing Memorandum is created to allow potential Buyers to arrive at a level of interest without sacrificing confidential and sensitive information.


Maintaining a high level of presence in the industry, The JIAN Group has personal relationships with all of today’s active acquirers, both financial and strategic.  Complete Confidentiality is maintained and no information is exchanged with potential Buyers without the Client’s consent.


Once an agreement in principle is established with the Buyer, we negotiate and formalize a detailed Letter of Intent, securing the best possible terms for our client.  A carefully executed transaction requires expertise in all aspects of the deal, to include the total transaction structure and long term goals.  The JIAN Group is the most experienced intermediary in the Industry to negotiate and finalize transactions.  Our 99% success ration leads the industry and The JIAN Group has a reputation for increasing the value of our Client’s business while at the same time, increasing the market awareness of well managed and profitable companies.


Through long-standing relationships with legal and accounting firms, we provide complete transaction services, ensuring maximum returns on our Clients’ after-tax dollars.  No other Advisory Firm provides their clients with the critical insight and understanding of the transaction structure and underscores our industry leading successes.

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