Our specific middle market focus has resulted in the development of unparalleled industry relationships and a thorough understanding of industry trends, channels, and consolidation philosophies. Each of our principals have either owned and operated their own companies or led significant industry companies, cementing the foundation for understanding our client's concerns and objectives.

Upon committing to a client's project, The JIAN Group will thoroughly analyze the business, including its product lines, contracts, customer base, market position, competitors and its strength and weaknesses. Historical financials will be adjusted to reflect the true earning capacity of the company and future growth potential. Market valuations and transaction structuring will be discussed with the client to establish the goals and expectations for the representation. The JIAN Group will prepare a comprehensive offering memorandum and will contact potential qualified buyers upon approval by the client. Our goal is to avoid bargain seekers and target the most appropriate buyers in the bidding process.

Whether a buy-side or sell-side representation, The JIAN Group remains involved in every phase of the transaction from the initial research, to market valuation and structuring, through negotiations, to preparing the letter of intent and final negotiations. As a skillful facilitator, The JIAN Group reduces the client's personal strain so they can concentrate on the daily responsibility of running their business.

Our success is underscored by our compensation.  We earn only upon the successful completion of a transaction and on the terms and conditions accepted by our client; no expense reimbursement is involved and no retainer fees are involved. This philosophy works and serves to align the interests of advisor and client from day one.

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