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Developing and implementing a succession plan can be critical to the survival of a family owned business. At The JIAN Group, we understand both the complex business issues and, more importantly, the emotional issues associated with determining a company's future. We will work with you from the onset to establish a Business Valuation that will serve as the cornerstone to the planning process. Once the valuation is established, we will begin to examine the alternatives and strategies that will take into account detailed tax and estate planning. 

In the natural cycle of business, all companies reach a point where capital constraints, people, geography or diversification desires call for a fresh or markedly different corporate strategy. Through years of industry experience, as a third party advisor and as owners and operators, The JIAN Group has a well-tested base of best practices and relationships that can help take your company to the next level. We regularly leverage our relationships in the industry to structure and negotiate strategic alliances that could lead to revenue and earnings growth, adding significant value to your company. 

The JIAN Group understands the challenges of building and continuing to develop the back-office functions that support the daily operation of a business. Our first hand knowledge combined with over 150 years combined experience in the industry gives us the insight and ability to review your systems and operations.  We then jointly develop a strategy that will greatly enhance your Company's bottom line. With a number of our principals with their CPA, we are able to analyze all facets of your operation to determine if the Company is operating on the highest possible profit and operating margins, while still maximizing cash flow. 

Our specific middle market focus has resulted in the development of unparalleled industry relationships and a thorough understanding of industry trends, channels, and consolidation philosophies. Each of our principals have either owned and operated their own companies or led significant industry companies, cementing the foundation for understanding our client's concerns and objectives.

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