repar bwThe JIAN Group's newest partner Larry Repar recently contributed an article to ProSales magazine and it is now available on their website. 

In the article Larry ponders the effects technology will have on the M&A industry and whether or not it is prepared for the changes.

"Is Uber a technology company or a transportation company? It doesn’t have company-owned vehicles or direct employees as drivers. Its market valuation would indicate it’s a technology company. So how does a technology company impact an old, inefficient and low customer experience industry? By creating a premium customer experience via a two-way digital platform that is fast, easy and reliable to use.

Uber disrupted the transportation industry by making it more attractive and less expensive to Uber (it’s a noun and a verb) than hire a car or use personal vehicles. Not only did Uber convert existing taxi users, it created new transportation demand at the same time. Supply also increased as driver recruitment was made easy by hiring contractor drivers through the same platform. It’s an extraordinary example of how technology disrupted an industry.............."      READ THE FULL ARTICLE by CLICKING HERE

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